Liquid Borax Soap

If you’ve been into soap making for some time now, you have most likely heard about adding Borax to soap recipes and maybe you’re thinking of making your own liquid Borax soap.

Although Borax does have a tendency to become toxic particularly when ingested, the amount used in soap recipes is quite small.

I suggest you use Borax in home cleaning and laundry until you are sure that you can use this mineral in your personal care soap. However, if you really want to make your own Borax liquid soap, here is a liquid Borax soap recipe for you.

Materials/Ingredients Needed:

i.1/8 cup Borax powder


iii.Empty gallon jug


Using the funnel, pour the Borax powder into the jug then fill it with cold water. Shake it a few times then let settle. Wait for a few minutes then transfer the clear part into a bottle.

Your liquid Borax soap is ready. You can use it as your body wash and shampoo. Although it will not lather, it removes oil and sweat effectively without stripping your natural oils and color.

Benefits of making your own liquid Borax soap

If you are going to use the soap as a shampoo, you can greatly benefit from it as it stops itching and flaking and it also hinders scalp bacteria. However, it is important to rinse thoroughly. When showering, take a pint container with you.

Put ¼ teaspoon of citric acid crystals in it. Citric acid is the only one that is strong enough to remove Borax.

After shampooing, rinse your hair and your whole body as well, because citric acid is also anti-bacterial. Citric acid also conditions and provides sheen to the hair.

The soap doesn’t contain aluminum as traditional soaps and detergents do. It also doesn’t contain PCBs as numerous health and commercial varieties do. Aside from this, it doesn’t contain cobalt that draws cancer parasites to the skin.

Commercial soaps and detergents are simply unsafe to use. Borax contains urease, a bacterial enzyme, thus this mineral is anti-bacterial.

It might even remove blemishes and prevent the scalp from itching. Most of the time, a skin problem is caused by toxic ingredients found in the soap itself.

Liquid Borax SoapFor example, aluminum is usually added as a skin moisturizer, which impregnates the skin and attracts water to give the illusion of moist skin.

While Borax will not directly heal one’s skin problem, it does replace the elements that cause damage to the skin so that healing can take place.

Borax, due to its mild alkaline characteristic, also acts a buffing agent in a strongly alkaline soap recipe. This is necessary when you have zero percent sodium hydroxide discount or potassium that is required when making a liquid soap or cleaning agent.

If you are wondering where to buy liquid Borax, you can always search the internet for more information about it.

Reading some liquid Borax reviews is also a good idea to know if making your own soap is a great idea or not. However, one thing is for sure – making a liquid Borax soap offers several benefits.