How to make your home fleas-proof?

September 13, 2013

When the house is infested with fleas it will be miserable as well as unhealthy to stay in that house. Hence it is imminent for the residents of the house to eliminate the fleas completely at the earliest. Application of borax for fleas is the most effective method for killing the fleas. The borax powder fleas are mildly toxic so as to kill the fleas and its larvae but, it is not harmful to human beings as well as pet animals. The fleas usually breed on the carpet, furniture, in the crevices and cracks on the floor as well as walls and on the upholstery. Hence the borax for fleas must be applied thoroughly to the floors, carpets, furniture and upholstery. The user must know how to use borax to kill fleas on hardwood floors. Fleas can breed on any surface and they can survive on hard wood also. The entire place must be cleaned and the powder must be added thoroughly to kill all the fleas in adult form as well as larvae form.

Treat the carpets first

Prior to applying borax for fleas on the floor, the carpets and rugs that are spread on the floor must be taken care of. The fleas are very comfortable in the carpet. Hence borax powder fleas must be sprinkled on the carpet to ensure that all the fleas are killed. After sprinkling the powder the carpet may be left like that for 36 hours. Later it must be vacuumed thoroughly so that the dead fleas and the remaining borax powder can be removed. Since the eggs of fleas cannot be destroyed by the borax repeated application of borax for fleas is required to completely eliminate the flea population. The effect of the borax treatment will remain on the carpet for about a year. Hence an application of borax every year is sufficient to keep the fleas away from the house.

Borax for total elimination of fleas Borax For Fleas 17          

How to use borax to kill fleas on hardwood floors? Before applying the borax powder the entire floor must be vacuumed so that a considerable number of fleas are removed. Then the borax for fleas may be sprinkled all over the surface and leave it for 24 – 36 hours. Again the floor must be vacuumed twice or thrice so that no trace of borax is left out. Elimination of fleas using borax for fleas is the most cost-effective option and it is very effective also. Whenever the presence of fleas is detected inside the house borax for fleas must be applied immediately so that the problem will not go from bad to worse. Borax is a safe and non-reactive chemical so that it will not affect the pets and children. Boric acid also is used to kill fleas and cockroaches. However, boric acid is more toxic than borax so that it will be a hazardous application. The fleas are very stubborn insects and can cause various diseases. Total elimination of fleas once detected is very essential. Borax provides the most economic, convenient and harmless method to kill the fleas completely and prevent them from infesting the house again.


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