Fleas Borax Treatment for Your Flea-Infested Home

July 6, 2013

A home with pet dogs and cats is rarely without problems; one of these problems is having flea infestation. Aside from making your pets scratch and very irritable, fleas can carry diseases that may affect animals as well as man. If you have fleas flying and crawling around your home, you should consider treating your home indoors and outdoors with this simple flea remedy.

Fleas borax treatment is one of the most effective remedy for flea infestations indoors and outdoors. Borax will kill fleas along with its larvae and eggs by drying them up. By regular application of borax indoors you can successfully remove fleas and eventually reduce pest infestation at home. Here are some tips:

  • Locate areas where there are fleas; these are areas where your pet usually stays or where he sleeps most of the time. Make sure that you use borax along cracks and crevices of the walls and floors since fleas may only hide and avoid borax. Fleas borax treatment must be done as soon as you spot fleas anywhere since there are surely many of them lying around.
  • Regular application of borax on areas where there are fleas in your home may be enough to completely eradicate fleas but you also need to treat your dog. Borax is not for dogs; you need to consult your vet for the most appropriate treatment.
  • Vacuuming after allowing borax to settle on the area and kill fleas is a very important part of cleaning away borax. Pure borax is toxic to pets and humans so better vacuum as much as you can of the borax powder; you will also be vacuuming dead fleas, larvae and eggs so make sure you do two or three sweeps to completely remove every bit. Use your vacuum’s special attachments to clean dead fleas from the sofa, your dog’s bed and on carpets. Using the ideal attachment helps remove more fleas in an area. Don’t forget to use a crevice tool to vacuum crevices where fleas can hide.Borax For Fleas 6

After vacuuming, dispose borax and dead fleas and eggs appropriately. If your vacuum uses lifetime filters and vacuum bags, remove these and clean them thoroughly. Replaceable vacuum bags should be replaced as soon as possible. Do not allow these to stay inside your vacuum, clean and vacuum at once before using in other areas of your home.

  • Borax is effective outdoors; you just need to sprinkle it in areas where your pet frequents. If your yard is huge; divide it in sections. Use markers to tell where you are treating the area so that you can avoid stepping on borax. Place your dog inside a pen or a screen for a while as he gets his flea treatment. Do not let your dog walk over the soil with borax or come in contact with borax since he will naturally lick it off to remove it from his fur. This may only cause him to swallow the chemical and other pests that are not yet dead.


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