Borax or Boric Acid?

August 23, 2013

Both borax and boric acid contain the naturally occurring element boron. Boron is in fact a nutrient required by the human body for growth of bones as well as proper functioning of the immune system. Borax for fleas also known as Disodium Tetraborate is a salt that is obtained from boric acid. Though boric acid is not so toxic for the various boric acid uses it is mixed with hydrochloric acid thereby making it toxic. The borax powder uses include the killing of different types of pests and insects that grow inside the house as well as outdoors and also as an ingredient in various cleaning agents form domestic applications. The powdered form of borax is more commonly used. Borax is identified as a time tested remedy for elimination of fleas.  The borax for fleas is also in the powdered form since it is without any hazardous odor and also is not absorbed by human skin when comes into contact.

How it works?

Borax for fleas has the property to make small holes on the body of the insects and enter inside. Once the substance is inside the body of the insect its body becomes 100% dry and as a result the insect dies. All borax powder uses are based on its characteristic property of extreme dehydration of the exoskeleton bodies of pests and insects. The borax powder kills even the larvae that come out of the flea eggs. Being a purely natural product borax has a very low toxicity and hence borax for fleas is considered as a safe product for household applications. It is one among the least toxic insecticides. However, those who use this product are advised to keep the same away from the reach of children and pets. Moreover, it is not advisable to spray this powder as a preventive measure against the growth of fleas. Conceived women are advised not to handle this product and borax for fleas should not be applied directly on pet animals as well as plants.

Borax Vs Boric acid

Both borax and boric acid are used for elimination of fleas. However, due to higher levels of toxicity boric acid uses are rather curtailed. But, boric acid gives better results in killing cockroaches. However the combination that contains strong chemicals is a matter of concern. Though there are issues of toxicity in the use of borax for fleas also it is comparatively milder and effectively functions as a fleas eliminating product. Both these products are available at supermarkets and also can be purchased online. Before commencement of   any of the borax powder uses the users are advised to go through the warnings and instructions for using the product. When compared to borax boric acid is found more effective in killing the eggs and larvae of fleas.Borax For Fleas 14

Safe with durable effect

Both borax and boric acid have the characteristic desiccating property. However, borax for fleas is widely used in domestic as well as commercial sprays due to its low toxicity. Besides being a safe product the effect of borax spray remains for almost a year. A single spray of the product once in a year can keep the fleas away from the home without creating any serious health hazards.

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