Borax for Fleas: Your Ultimate Flea Solution for Your Pets

Having flea infestation in your home could be an embarrassing situation; it gives the impression that your home is dirty and unkempt. But aside from this, your pets may get seriously ill when fleas are not removed from your home and especially from their fur. Fleas feed on blood and can make your dog or cat malnourished and anemic; it can also cause serious illnesses and worm infestations especially on dogs which could cost their life.

Dogs and cats get fleas from playing with other dogs as well as playing in soil. This is why even when your pet regularly takes his bath and you gingerly clean your home, fleas will come and settle no matter what.

Possibly one of the best and practical solutions to remove pests is to use borax for fleas. Borax is a chemical that is an active ingredient in detergent soaps, hand soaps and even in toothpastes. It can clean clothes as well as different areas of your home and reduce flea infestations. If you have fleas that won’t go away and you are worried about your pet’s health then you should consider using borax for fleas today. Here are more borax facts:

  • You can buy borax in most supermarkets or you may buy these online. The most popular brand of Borax is 20 Mule Team which is pure borax and Boraxo which is a brand for powdered hand soap.
  • Borax has a chemical formula of Na2B4O7 • 10H2O. It is a common household cleaner. It is one of the most popular detergent cleaners.Borax For Fleas
  • Aside from using borax for fleas, it is also effective for other bugs like cockroaches and moths. It is also a cheap way to get rid of fungus and weeds in your garden. In different industries, borax is used as flame retardant, bleaching purposes and to glaze enamel to name a few.
  • In using borax to kill fleas, you will need to powder borax in areas where your pets frequent. Place it in his bed, in your sofa, in carpets and in nooks and crannies where pests can crawl and hide. Every room in the house where your pet has been as well as indirectly been in like the laundry area where you wash its bedding and towels should also be treated.
  • Let borax work for a few hours on the area; it will dry the fleas, eggs and larvae out and killing them in the process. Afterwards, use a vacuum to remove all the borax and dead fleas, larva and eggs. Make sure that the vacuum is emptied and the reusable vacuum bag is cleaned.
  • Treat one room of the house at a time; do not allow your pets on the area as you clean it. Do not place borax on your pets or feed them borax.
  • You may use this treatment regularly to make sure that all the fleas in your home are gone. Vacuum your floors, carpets and sofas frequently to assess for fleas. Treat your dog for fleas by consulting your vet.