Borax Fleas Away for a Healthier Pet

Do you know that fleas do more than just make your dog itch? Fleas are some of the hardiest pests that can live in different hosts. The type that infests your dog or cat will not just make him irritable but will also cause him so many complications. If your dog has fleas, then you should borax fleas away to completely save your dog.

Borax, the laundry detergent and household cleaner that most homeowners have grown to trust, is a handy pest control treatment for your pet. It can kill fleas, eggs and larva from places in your home that your dog frequents and it can ultimately prevent fleas from coming back if you use it regularly. You won’t believe what fleas can do to your pet:

Borax Fleas Away for a Healthier Pet

  1. Your pet dog or cat may suffer from severe blood loss or anemia when fleas are not attended to. Fleas feed on blood and they will never have enough of it! Remember that fleas can lay up to 50 eggs in a day and it lays every 12 days; if you don’t do something about your pet’s fleas then it may be too late!
  2. Flea larva may harbor tapeworm eggs and your pet may swallow these larvas as he grooms and licks himself. Having tapeworm in your dog or cat’s gut is a serious illness and he can die if he does not receive treatment right away. So when your pet has fleas your vet will also provide treatment for tapeworm as well.
  3. Fleas may pass all sorts of illnesses to your pet. Puppies and kittens are usually the most vulnerable since these pets are weak and have not developed resistance to diseases yet. Chances are, puppies and kittens that are infested with fleas from their mother will soon die.
  4. Fleas may be passed on to other pets and may even bite humans. The only way to prevent all these from happening is to borax fleas away.


Borax will prevent fleas and will kill fleas, larva and eggs in any surface. The reason why most homeowners trust borax fleas treatments is that it is very easy to do and it does not cost too much compared to using other chemicals and expensive cleaners that may also have terrible side effects.

In using borax for fleas, you should remember that your dog also has to receive treatment. Borax is not applicable for topical use on pets and it is also dangerous to swallow borax. It is only sprinkled on the area where your pets frequent so that it can remove fleas and eggs. Your vet will recommend an ideal flea treatment for your dog as well as deworming treatments to kill tapeworms that may come with flea larva.

Make sure that you regularly treat your home from fleas with borax and at the same time make sure that your pet complies with his treatment. Only through rigorous treatment of borax will you be able to save your pet’s life and your home as well.